The Opportunity

We live in an era where diverse communities are investing in organizing, lobbying, and deepening their civic engagement to ensure that their voices are heard. From Catholic universities, to Franciscan hospitals and Jewish community centers, the history of the United States is one where minorities have embodied their civic potential while strengthening the American social fabric. Today, Muslim Americans are making strides in joining this American tradition.


AMAL, or Advancing Muslim American Leadership, is a non-partisan, public service volunteer initiative that cultivates the civic potential of young Muslim Americans. AMAL supports and encourages young Muslim Americans to pursue careers in NGOs, national and local government, multilateral institutions, social enterprise, and the media. We believe that increasing Muslim American representation in public service will foster more inclusive policies and institutions, both in the U.S. and around the world.

Our Approach

The Civic Potential

Civic potential, as a value, is embodied in multiple ways across American society. It is based on mutual cooperation, respect for others, a commitment to the welfare of one’s communities, and is lived out through public service. A civic leader might build a community service organization, serve on the local school board of education, lobby representatives for policies to address community issues, organize voter education drives or run campaigns. Civic potential, fully realized, is only possible when individual citizens are equipped with the resources, models, and networks they need to serve their communities.

The Vision

We envision an American landscape where young Muslims have the resources, models, and networks that will allow them to live out their full civic potential and serve their communities through vocations in public service.

The Theory of Change

In order to achieve this vision, young Muslims need:

  1. Access to resources including career-building opportunities, professional coaching, and financial support to advance in public service fields.
  2. Exposure to inspiring models that embody civic values including leaders in public service and community organizing.
  3. Connections with networks of civic-minded peers, civic engagement organizations and institutions, as well as local, state, and national civic initiatives.
Without a doubt, civically minded young Muslims can be found across the country in college Muslim Student Associations and high school social justice clubs. However, these resources, models, and networks are available only to those young Muslims who seek them independently. By providing this support, we can strengthen their paths to viable vocations in public service and draw in young people who may not already be oriented toward these careers.

The Plan

AMAL aims to lay the groundwork for this social change. We will do this through the following:

  • Building a robust directory of career building public service opportunities
  • Growing the cohort of AMAL coaches to assist aspiring civic leaders with their applications
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with Muslim youth entities and organizations across the country who share AMAL’s vision about the civic potential of Muslim Americans
  • Offering virtual and in-person training and networking opportunities for young Muslims on various topics related to civic engagement
  • Highlighting inspiring civic initiatives from across various fields of public service

The Dream

AMAL will ensure that every young Muslim in the country has the opportunity to explore their civic potential and embody civic engagement in their communities and future careers. AMAL will have established networks of young Muslim civic leaders in every city where Muslim communities are found across the United States of America.