The Challenge

The civic potential of young Muslim Americans remains largely untapped. Unfortunately, they lack visible representation in fields that influence public policy and public debate. In particular, young Muslim Americans often do not see public service as a viable career option due to pervasive anti-Muslim rhetoric within the current political environment, little awareness of public service opportunities, and minimal access to financial resources.


AMAL cultivates the civic potential of young Muslim Americans. AMAL supports and encourages young Muslim Americans to pursue careers in NGOs, national and local government, multilateral institutions, social enterprise, and the media. We believe that increasing Muslim American representation in public service will foster more inclusive policies and institutions, both in the U.S. and around the world.

Our Approach

AMAL establishes tools and resources that raise awareness about public service careers among young Muslim Americans and helps them launch their journey toward a public service career. Although we focus on Muslim Americans, we encourage all people, regardless of personal background, to use our resources.